Every time you say yes to one thing, you are saying no to something else. Therefore, commitment always requires sacrifice. 


Perhaps that is why we are sometimes hesitant to commit? We want to have the perceived freedom we get from not having to say no to something else. But is that really freedom? I would argue that freedom is not having the ability to jump ship and pursue something else, but rather it involves being free from other responsibilities and having the ability to wholeheartedly pursue one thing. 

As we discussed in the last article, we should commit to things because it builds trust, develops purpose, and strengthens character. But the reality is that it also requires sacrifice. Commitment should not be entered into lightly. But don’t confuse taking it seriously with not entering into it at all.   

Take Commitment Seriously

On the flip side of never wanting to commit, we have people who over-commit and say they will do things that they later regret or can’t complete. You have to recognize your own bandwidth and ability to only commit to so many things, or else you’ll end up doing none of them well and letting others down. Saying yes to one thing means you are implicitly saying no to another, so don’t say yes to both and stretch yourself too thin. 

Your commitments should align with your values and your Theres. They are the milestones and goals that help you reach your Strategic There and ultimately aim you towards your Transcendent There. Just like we should choose to commit in order to reach our goals, we should also be choosy about what we commit to in order to stay on the Path that gets us where we want to go.  

Embrace the Sacrifice

The fact that your commitment requires sacrifice means that it means something when you make that sacrifice for someone. If there was no sacrifice involved, it wouldn’t be meaningful. So let the weight of your decision impact how you carry it out. 

Remember the three things you can control: your actions, your perspective, and whom you trust. If you have chosen to commit to someone or something, that is an important decision that holds value. You say that you value something when you choose to commit to it, so act in accordance with your values by completing your commitments with excellence. 

Sacrifice in life cannot be avoided. But sacrifice isn’t always a negative thing. Choosing what to commit to gives you the freedom to devote your time to that one thing. Embrace the weight of your decision by leaning into the sacrifice. Treat the things you commit to with importance in order to get There. 

Gracie McBride is the Content and Systems Coordinator at The Crossroad.