The Crossroad, Redefining Effective Leadership


Delve into our practical tools for living a life of influence, through transformed character, effective leadership, and cultural engagement.
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Organizations We Have Worked With

“Servant Leadership weaves various leadership principles from the best leadership thinking of our day into the timeless wisdom found in the Bible. The approach is so simple to understand and life changing that I continually see transformation in the lives of those I lead through this material and in my own…”

Chris Thomas, Convention of States

“The Servant Leadership Tools have helped us create a healthy culture of leadership by giving us common language and shared mental models. This has allowed us to gain clarity around where we are going and how we are going there, as well as allowing us to speak into issues clearly and efficiently.”

“It is humbling to go through the curriculum you created for WOTA while imagining the impact on Zambian families and other nationals within the country that will be exposed to these tools.”

Barry Ilunga, WOTA

“For years student leaders have asked for more practical training. We introduced the Servant Leadership tools a few years ago and have been very pleased with the number of teaching opportunities they present and how much more equipped our students feel for their roles. The tools dovetail very well with our current training and leadership philosophy. We will be using these tools for years to come and will continue to look for further ways to implement them with our student leaders.”

Jonathan Sheaffer, The King's College