The Crossroad aims to help transform society through equipping leaders, empowering organizations, and redefining what it means to be a person of influence. Through the power of value-based decision making, we invite people to take ownership of their journey. The Crossroad provides practical tools for living a life of influence. These tools equip people and organizations to impact the world through transformed character, effective leadership, and cultural engagement. Our tools have helped transform individuals, teams, and organizations around the globe.

The Crossroad logo is about redefining character and leadership as two sides of the same coin rather than two different coins kept in different purses. The three circles represent the various arenas in which we live and make the choices that define our character. A crossroad is any place where these arenas intersect. Everyday, we make tens of thousands of choices in a variety of arenas. Work, home, social, etc. Every choice in one affects the others. So instead of figuring out how to be a good business person at work and a good parent at home, we need to understand how to be a good, consistent, person of influence throughout all the arenas and choices presented to us. After all, you are always you



A collection of resources that invite leaders to make choices that align with their true character and influence the world around them. Victorious Living Patheos Blog, Servant Leadership, and Yellow Balloons are 3 of The Crossroad’s resources. What are all of these resources and how do they all connect?

The Crossroad’s blog alias is designed to produce stories and insights that meet people “where they are” and introduce the need for and basic benefits of The Crossroad tools. It is designed to be an entry point into The Crossroad material.


These tools are practical, the “how-to” guide to creating impactful leaders and meaningful organizations.


– The Project Mood Curve

– The Two Circles

– The Freedom V

– The Moment of Truth

– The Proper Use of Emotions

– Effective Communication

– Leadership Styles and Types of Influence


In this video series, we will share with you how to build a culture of servant leadership within your organization.


A series of 18 discussions about the transformational effect of true servant leadership.


The team from The Crossroad will come to your organization and do an in-depth walk through the tools, teaching how they can be utilized to develop a culture of effective leadership. This is the most in-depth, personal, and practical exposure to the tools.


Introduces the Crossroad resources via a thorough explanation of The Servant Leadership tools and how they work in the life of a leader. Includes examples from work, home, and social life.


A deep dive into one of the three things you can control. Yellow Balloons explores the far-reaching applications and impact of just one of the Servant Leadership tools: the power of perspective to transform people and organizations.


A daily, Scripture-based devotional that weaves the Crossroad tools (especially the three things you can control), Christian Scripture, and practical daily living.


Introduces listeners to the truths of Christian Scripture, the Biblical definition of success, and the ways to apply these lessons to one’s own journey. This is an entry point for The Crossroad materials, meant to introduce listeners to the value of Scripture study and to see how these tools serve in fulfilling The Great Commission.


A journey into the stories of our founder, Tim Dunn, and how learning to perceive and live life “above the circumstances” transformed his life. This is a real-life example of the tools working in one man’s life.


Check out our Servant Leadership Video Series!

  • Parts and the Whole ep. 9

    In this short conclusion, we show you how all of the Servant Leadership tools work together to create a healthy and sustainable culture within your organization. These tools are meant to be used in [...]

  • Found in Translation ep. 8

    In our final full episode, we share the keys to Effective Communication. There is nothing more important, in any organization, than the means, method, and messages we communicate. We’ll look at the challenges and [...]

  • Separate from the Animals ep. 7

    In lesson six, we explore The Proper Use of Emotions and The Two Circles, tools that show us how to take ownership of our perspective. All of these Servant Leadership tools work together; they [...]

  • Truth is an Acquired Taste ep. 6

    Sharing truth is an essential part of any healthy organization. In episode five, we explore the challenges and advantages to sharing truth in our organizations. Truth creates conflict and requires courage. It is also [...]

  • The Difference Between Influence and Control ep. 5

    If leadership is defined as “influencing others to get there”, how do we properly influence others? We cannot control others, but by exercising The Five Types of Influence, we can help encourage them toward [...]

  • The Complexity of HERE ep. 4

    In lesson three, we begin looking at the most difficult phase of THERE-HERE-PATH; naming our current reality. With the help of two great tools, The Pillars and The Project Mood Curve, we can better [...]

  • What It’s All About ep. 3

    In lesson two, we explore the meaning of life. Why do you exist? What is the Transcendent There for your time on this earth? How do we avoid the “what’s next” problem? Utilizing The [...]

  • How Life Works ep. 2

    In our first full episode, we will look into THERE-HERE-PATH, which is the framework for life. Using an example from one of history’s greatest moments, we will explore how clarity of vision, awareness of [...]

  • Leadership, Culture, and Organizations ep. 1

    In this introduction, we define terms such as “leadership” and “culture”. What are they and how to do they work? Developing a shared language and shared mental models will help us create and sustain [...]


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