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These practical leadership tools are our “how-to” guide to creating strong leaders and effective organizations. Explore however you would like, but we recommend starting with the “Blueprint for organizational success.”

When building a meaningful organization, establishing a healthy culture, leading others, or stewarding one’s character, these tools work in concert with one another to provide a practical blueprint that illuminates the way forward.

Knowing and understanding your values, both personal and organizational, is incredibly important. Since values motivate every decision we make, they also drive our organizational culture.

Structure Demands Behavior. We must create structures that clearly communicate both a legal operational authority and an individual ownership of our collective goal.

The THERE-HERE-PATH uses our deepest values to build a framework that guides all of life’s decisions towards a single, transcendent goal.

Our vision operates on multiple levels. We can use the there-here-path-framework to both cast a vision and take strategic actions designed to implement that vision. 

Self-governance is the power to make choices, set boundaries, and steward responsibility without a dependency on external forces. The Freedom V helps us see where we are in relation to boundaries, encounter consequences with courage, and funnel our efforts toward self-governance, all while participating effectively in our communities.

These tools explore the diverse ways people influence one another. The first person we need to lead is ourselves. By doing so, an overflow of stewarding our character is the effect it has on others. 

The Mood Curve is a tool for encouraging perseverance and perspective. The Mood Curve follows the shape of the path, the trajectory between here and there.

The Two Circles are about perspective and posture, the way you see the world and your place in it. It is a tool for teaching and encouraging ownership, helping you break free from the shackles of a limiting perspective.

This leadership tool guides leaders and organizations into prioritizing the seeking and sharing of truth. The Moment of Truth is used to help establish and maintain reality, navigate conflict, and invite participants to take ownership of their part in the mission.

Conflict is neutral. How we respond determines whether it is a net loss or gain. The Conflict Resolution Styles help us evaluate our tendencies in regards to conflict and move with intention toward a mission-centered resolution.

This leadership tool empowers you to explore the limit and value of your emotions, understand their proper place in your life, and ultimately find the best solutions to challenging situations.

Communication helps clarify vision, discover current reality, and share truth more effectively. Effective communication includes clarity of the message, intentional listening, and instant feedback to assure our assumptions are not clouding our effectiveness.

Whether building a meaningful organization, establishing a healthy culture, leading others, or stewarding one’s own character, these leadership tools work together to provide a practical blueprint and a set of models that allow you to do so with intention.

“The Servant Leadership Tools have helped us create a healthy culture of leadership by giving us common language and shared mental models. This has allowed us to gain clarity around where we are going and how we are going there, as well as allowing us to speak into issues clearly and efficiently.”

“Grateful to you for the work being done with great potential not only to impact the Zambian education system but transformation of a society.”

Barry Ilunga, WOTA President

“For years student leaders have asked for more practical training. We introduced the Servant Leadership tools a few years ago and have been very pleased with the number of teaching opportunities they present and how much more equipped our students feel for their roles. The tools dovetail very well with our current training and leadership philosophy. We will be using these tools for years to come and will continue to look for further ways to implement them with our student leaders.”

“It is humbling to go through the curriculum you created for WOTA while imagining the impact on Zambian families and other nationals within the country that will be exposed to these tools.”

Barry Ilunga, WOTA President

“God bless your great team, that the effort and time you took putting together a curriculum tailored specifically for WOTA may result in blessing Africa and the world.”

Barry Ilunga, WOTA President

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