Servant Leadership Articles

Focused on creating a deeper understanding of how our tools work and the interplay between them, these articles dive into the practical applications of the Servant Leadership Tools.

An Elaborate Truth


  I am a deep thinker. There is nothing more energizing, more life-bringing, and more meaningful than for me to marinate on something. I love [...]

An Elaborate Truth2022-06-10T20:30:34+00:00

Redeeming the Night


Much of the evil perpetuated by humanity happens at night. Horror films are often set in the cover of darkness. We associate night and darkness [...]

Redeeming the Night2022-06-07T17:19:06+00:00

Rethinking Productivity


For much of modern history, there has been very little distinction between productivity and busyness. We value full schedules, taking them on as a matter [...]

Rethinking Productivity2022-06-07T17:16:50+00:00

What Is In It For Me?


When presented with an opportunity to do something, we are always wondering what the benefit will be for us. Always. Sometimes we explicitly ask, “what [...]

What Is In It For Me?2022-06-07T17:16:33+00:00

Redeeming Passivity


For most of my life, I have struggled with the pressure to be assertive. Our culture values those who take control, who dive into the [...]

Redeeming Passivity2022-06-07T17:16:24+00:00

Comforted by Mystery


For most of my life, there was nothing more comforting than certainty. Connecting two dots made me feel safe, like the chaos and confusion was [...]

Comforted by Mystery2022-06-07T17:15:58+00:00
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