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Parts and the Whole ep. 9

By |2020-07-17T17:11:44+00:00July 15th, 2020|Categories: Video Series|

In this short conclusion, we show you how all of the Servant Leadership tools work together to create a healthy and sustainable culture within your organization. These tools are meant to be used in harmony with one another to empower you to be intentional about vibrant living, engaging with purpose-filled organizations, and influencing the world [...]

Found in Translation ep. 8

By |2020-07-17T17:11:37+00:00July 15th, 2020|Categories: Video Series|

In our final full episode, we share the keys to Effective Communication. There is nothing more important, in any organization, than the means, method, and messages we communicate. We’ll look at the challenges and design of communication and explore the Formula For Listening to help guide you through the most challenging aspect of communication – [...]

Separate from the Animals ep. 7

By |2020-07-17T17:11:05+00:00July 15th, 2020|Categories: Video Series|

In lesson six, we explore The Proper Use of Emotions and The Two Circles, tools that show us how to take ownership of our perspective. All of these Servant Leadership tools work together; they are a collective toolbox for the sake of building a healthy culture within your organizations. Taking ownership of our perspective allows [...]

Truth is an Acquired Taste ep. 6

By |2020-07-17T17:11:53+00:00July 15th, 2020|Categories: Video Series|

Sharing truth is an essential part of any healthy organization. In episode five, we explore the challenges and advantages to sharing truth in our organizations. Truth creates conflict and requires courage. It is also vitally important and requires a variety of perspectives to consider. For these reasons, we avoid it too often and to our [...]

The Difference Between Influence and Control ep. 5

By |2020-07-17T17:08:18+00:00July 15th, 2020|Categories: Video Series|

If leadership is defined as “influencing others to get there”, how do we properly influence others? We cannot control others, but by exercising The Five Types of Influence, we can help encourage them toward self-governance. The Freedom V is a tool to help us set up boundaries and consequences in an effort to empower the [...]

What It’s All About ep. 3

By |2020-07-17T17:12:18+00:00July 15th, 2020|Categories: Video Series|

In lesson two, we explore the meaning of life. Why do you exist? What is the Transcendent There for your time on this earth? How do we avoid the “what’s next” problem? Utilizing The Five Whys and assessing the gifts we’ve been granted, we can name the purpose we are striving for. In an organization, [...]

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